OMEL entrega sistema de vácuo na Argentina

Tango e sistemas de vácuo

Tango isn’t for everyone…

Nor magnetic driven liquid ring vacuum pump

It is said that learning Tango looks fun, sexy and beautiful, but it can be a serious commitment. It is a hardcore pursuit. Just as seducing as turning the BLN-MAG double stage mag drive liquid ring vacuum pump design into reality and delivering it to Companies all around the world, this time, Argentina.

OMEL Bombas e Compressores

OMEL Team BLN-MAG Vacuum-Tango tips

You better LOVE technique : most tango dancers don’t just “play around”. Technique is what makes the dance feel amazing to your partner. OMEL design and production teams count with advanced 3D design tools and high-performance, full-spectrum, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems for precise machining and assembly assuring product performance.

It takes effort : If you aren’t investing in truly learning tango, you probably won’t be dancing much or enjoying it when you do. OMEL invests continuously in research and development, manufacturing capabilities, suppliers and employees to bring to the market the most up to date products and competitive creative designs.

It’s a long commitment : Tango is not a dance that gets mastered in six months or five years. OMEL has developed fluid handling solutions for the last 65 years and has mastered production of liquid ring vacuum pumps, roots type blowers, centrifugal pumps, metering pumps, flowmeters and pinch valves during this time period. Learn more about OMEL products at

And it’s intimate : it’s four legs and one heart. OMEL technical sales team, customer engineering, production and technical assistance are trained to offer built to suit solutions and solve customers’ fluid handling problems in short time periods. Reach us through our online channels, by the telephone or visit us at the office and let us they care of your pumps and systems as if they were ours.

Tango can be insanely difficult. Expensive. Toilsome. Challenging. And, as built to suit vacuum systems, it’s not for everyone, but it is beautiful.

OMEL Bombas e Compressores

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