Food Products

OMEL - Aplicações e Mercados - Alimentício

OMEL’s equipment may be used to work in several alimentary applications, such as:

  • Fruits: fruit pulp, tomato pulp and extracts;
  • Dairy: milk, condensed milk, cream milk, milk sweets, yogurts, cheeses believe,
  • Sauces: ketchups, mustards, mayonnaise, vinegar,
  • Oils: mineral, vegetable and animal, vegetable and animal fats;
  • Margarine and butter;
  • Manufacturing Process: chocolates, biscuits, jelly, powdered juices, chemical leavening, candies, chewing gums, cereals and other, subject to consultation.

In addition to the applications described above, may be used in the treatment of effluents generated by the process for manufacturing such products.

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