Paper and Cellulose

Mercados - Papel e Celulose

OMEL vacuum pumps are used in several applications in the paper and cellulose industry, as for example:

  • Recycling, bleaching and forming
  • Pressing and drying of paper pulp or sheet
  • Aerobic agitation in tanks
  • Vacuum teats for folding machines and cutting processes
  • Pneumatic transport of shreds and chips
  • Vacuum drying and moulding
  • Treatment of waste water.

See below the main applications in detail:

1. Forming section

The paper sheets forming area requires the removal of the approx. 95% (ninety five per cent) of the water used in the paper production process.

The paper sheets forming area requires the removal of the approx. 95% (ninety five per cent) of the water used in the paper production process. A part of this removal can be done in a natural way, but to achieve a better performance and drainage without losing material, it is essential the use of a vacuum system. OMEL vacuum pumps are used in the forming section of the paper machine to remove the water, both in the suction traps and in the couch roller.

2. Presses section

After the sheet forming process and the first stage of the drying process, the sheet will be transferred to the presses section, where almost all remaining water from the forming section will be removed in the production process. The pick-up tube and the transfer rollers use vacuum to transfer the paper from the forming section to the presses section.

When the sheet is pressed, the felt and the presses obtain a mixture of water and chemical substances used in the process, as well as waste paper and other material, which can be eventually contaminated. Each felt works continuously and the contaminated material needs to be removed before the next pressing processes take place. Uhle boxes duty is to remove water and contaminated material. Omel vacuum pumps are used in this stage to remove the liquids from the Uhle boxes.

It is important to install a pre-separation system in all Uhle boxes in order to prevent the removed water from the process to be conducted to the vacuum pump.

3. Filtração a vácuo

Omel vacuum pumps are used in mud filters, press filters and dregs filters, creating vacuum inside of these filters to remove the liquid from the cellulose and other eventually filtrated products.

OMEL products application scheme

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