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UND/II-IL Standard dimension process pumps, for in line mounting

Partly derived from the horizontal centrifugal pumps UND series, the UND/III-IL centrifugal pumps comply with the ANSI/ASME B73.2 standards for vertical chemical process centrifugal pumps for In- Line mounting.

General Features

  • Capacity: up to 350 m3/h;
  • Total pressure head: up to 210 m;
  • Temperature (normal series): from -30 ºC to + 260 ºC;
  • Pressure: from full vacuum to 26 Kg/cm2 (depending on the type of material); and
  • Is possible to reach higher or lower temperatures, subject to future consultation (temperatures may vary -100 ºC to + 315 ºC).

Features and Advantages of the Design

  • Has bearing support;
  • No need of drivers with special shafts, bearings of tolerances;
  • The construction is completely “Back-Pull-Out”;
  • The components, except for the casing and bearing housing, are interchangeable with the horizontal UND process pumps;
  • Maximum shaft deflection under 0.002″;
  • Bearing sized for 2 years of minimum life, operating under continuous work and maximum load;
  • Low Net Positive Head (NSPHR);
  • The suction and discharge flanges are “In-Line” and concentric, complying with ANSI/ASME B 73.2 standard;
  • The UND/III-IL pumps may be assembled directly in straight parts of the piping, avoiding the use of joints and expansion devices;
  • The UND/III-IL pumps may be assembled directly in straight parts of the piping, and for that reason do not have the need for bases and foundations;and e
  • Bearing support, adapters and motor supports manufactured in gray ast iron (ASTM A48 quality, class 30) and shaft made of AISI 1045 carbon steel.

Other Characteristics

Open Impeller

Increases the range of pumps applications, allowing the efficient pumping of clean liquids, slurries and liquids with suspensions, do not need to wear rings and the clearances are kept by means of external setting.

Maximum Sealing Flexibility

The fully dimensioned sealing box, allows the application of the most diversified types of mechanical seals, packings, glands and sealing accessories.


Grease lubrication is normally applied in all UND/III-IL, pumps, but is possible to provide permanent lubrication bearings.

Components in Contact with the Pumped Liquid

The parts in contact with the pumped liquid may be cast in a great number of alloys, to be determined in the moment of the acquisition of the pump, and also:

  • Standard flanged motors are applied;
  • Flexible coupling equipped with a spacer as in common horizontal process pump;
  • Standard shaft sleeve;
  • Double row thrust ball bearings (angular contact) that do not overload the motor;
  • Confined gaskets that provide sealing between the casing and stuffing box cover;/li>
  • Suction that provides a streamlined profile and contoured baffle to reduce turbulence and vortexes to allow low NSPHR values; and
  • Pre aligned pump;

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