OMEL - Bomba Centrífuga UND III/MAG (Magnética)

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  • Produced in Brazil by OMEL, a company with 60 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Designs with latest technology, tested and approved by field operation.
  • Use of cutting-edge materials.
  • Manufactured in compliance with ANSI B 73.3 standard.

Safe, with zero emissions

  • Single-piece, extra-heavy containment shell, produced in Hastelloy C, which is resistant to corrosion, which guarantees safety and reduces losses by eddy currents.
  • Bearings and sleeves of pure sintered Silicon Carbide, which guarantee the product’s long life.
  • Efficient internal circulation of fluid, which guarantees reduction of temperature created by eddy currents.
  • Monitoring of the operating condition by measurement of the temperature of the can, providing protection in the event of pump malfunctioning due to possible dry operation, interrupted recirculation, flashing of the pumped product, or uncoupling of the magnets.
  • Monitoring of the electrical current consumed by the pump, which enables to switch off the pump immediately in the event of operating problems.
  • Protection ring of non-sparking material, which keeps the can from friction of the set of external magnets in the event of operational failure of the bearings of the external support.
  • Greater Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).



Design characteristics

  • ANSI B 73.1 dimensions, therefore interchangeable with sealed pumps of the same standard.
  • Produced with bearing frame or close coupled (only for pumps with 6” and 8” impellers)
  • Bearing frame in wet nodular cast iron fitted with bronze labyrinth seals (labyrinth seals also available in stainless steel).
  • Possibility of production with mechanical gas seal on the drive shaft of the bearings frame, which grants the possibility of containing eventual leakage that may occur because of failure in the primary containment barrier (contention can).
  • Complies with ANSI B73.3-2003 and ANSI/HI 5.1 and 5.6 standards for magnetic driven pumps.
  • Incorporated self-cleaning filter.
  • The outer bearing frame may be removed without the need of removing the pump from the line, with the system of internal bearings and the can remaining mounted on it. Therefore there is no need to drain, evacuate or isolate the pump.
  • Journal bearings produced in (i) Sintered Silicon Carbide, (ii) Silicon Carbide with graphite, or (iii) Graphite, according to the physical-chemical properties of the pumped product. The silicon carbide journal bearings are mounted on the shaft by means of tolerance rings made of Hastelloy C, allows the operation at any temperature.
  • Neodymium iron magnets used for pumping temperatures up to 120ºC, and samarium cobalt magnets used for pumping temperatures up to 300ºC.




  • In the chemical and petrochemical processes, pharmaceutical industry, nuclear industry, and in continuous or discontinuous processes.
  • Unloading of tanks and vehicles for transportation of sensitive liquids.
  • In the transportation and recirculation of thermal fluids.
  • In the pumping of carcinogenic, flammable, pure explosive, poisonous, sensitive to atmosphere contact, lethal, aggressive, toxic, contaminant, contaminated, harmful, hot, cold, pyrogenic, cryogenic, acid and hard to seal.
  • In applications that may not have leakage, such as pumping of acids, alcohols and glycols, alkalis, halogens, thermal transfer fluids, hydrocarbons, nitrogen and sulfur compounds, salts and chemical products such as formaldehyde, ether, TDI, MDI, acetone, acetic anhydride, detergents, monoglycerides, vegetable oils, demineralized water, heavy water, propylene oxide, methyl chloride, lead acetate, cyanides and freon.

Operating parameters

  • Capacity: up to 300 m3/h.
  • Head: up to 200 m.
  • Pressure: up to 25 bar.
  • Hydrostatic test of the can: 80 bar.
  • Maximum transmitted power: 208 CV
  • Maximum temperature: 120ºC (iron-boron-neodymium magnets) and 300ºC (samarium cobalt 5 magnets)
  • Minimum operating viscosity with normal bearings 0.3 cP.1


Monitoring and intrinsic safety of the pump

Like any pump, UND/MAG requires the control of operating conditions. The dry operation, decoupling of the magnets, blocked recirculation, cavitation and flashing should be avoided to preserve the integrity of the bearings, which are lubricated and cooled by the pumped liquid itself. For controlling and safeguard of the operating conditions, the following instruments can be used:

Temperature sensor:monitors the temperature of the containment shell, providing protection of the pump, indicating system malfunction conditions.

Temperature controller: used with the sensor mounted in the can it measures the system temperature and may sound an alarm or switch off the pump when necessary. ( trip point control).

Power monitor: constantly monitors the motor power draw, automatically switching off the pump in the event of changes.


Synchronous magnetic coupling

The magnetic coupling is a synchronous driver which utilizes permanent magnets on both inner and outer carriers. The attraction between North and South pole pairs allows the total transfer of the motor rotation to the pump. The advent of rare earth magnets like Samarium-Cobalt and Iron-Neodimium-Boron allowed the design of magnetc coupling drives extremely efficient and compact, becoming this type of torque and speed device extremely popular.





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