OMEL - Bomba Centrífuga Vertical UND III/VT


The UND III/VT Centrifugal Pumps are all metalic vertical pumps with the same performance as the normal horizontal UND range of pumps. They are delivered with maximum column lenght up to 5 meters but longer lenghts con considered under special request. Impellers are either open or vortex type.

The upper bearing block is heavy duty type and the intermediate bearings are used with graphite, teflon, bronze and other materials lubricated by grease, clean water or the pumped liquid depending on the characteristics of the latter.


Operational limits

Capacity (max.) 2.000 m3/h
Heads (max.) 230 m
Pressure (max.) 26 kgf/cm2
Temperature -100 ºC ~ 260 ºC
Special executions: up to 370 ºC
Power (max.) 750 HP


Can be used in different industry segments like:

Chemical Industry

Transfer of a great variety of products, corrosive or not, loading and unloading of acids, transfer of organics, and pumping of products like sulfur, urea, liquified gases, solvents, monomers, polymers and other organic or inorganic chemical products.

Petrochemical Industry

In pumping aromatic products, light hydrocarbons, heat transfer products, top and botton reflux, gas oil, condensates, etc.

OMEL - UND III/VT - AB Vertical Centrifugal Pump ( 6 meters axis / all jacketed )

Cellulose and Paper Industries

Digesters make up, pumping of green, black and white liquors, light pulps, coating products like clay and titanium dioxide, etc.

Mining and Metal Mills

Waste acid recovery, gas scrubber service, acid transfer and recirculation, acid loading and unloading operations, etc.

Food Industry

Pumping of juices, suspensions, emulsions, industrial soup, heat transfer products, condensates, ammonium, sugar and alcohol.

General Industry

In textile, pharmaceutical, pollution control, water supply and sanitation, dyeing, water chilling, condensates, acid recovery, recirculation of electrolytic and dying solutions, scrubbers, filter feeding, and other numerous industrial processes.


The UND III/VT pumps are manufactured with:

  • Ductile iron;
  • AISI-304, 316, 304L and 316L stainless steel;
  • Alloys such as ALLOY–20, CD4MCU, HASTELLOY B or HASTELLOY C and DUROMEL*;
  • Special alloys with characteristics similar to stainless steel, but highly resistant to abrasives.

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