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How does the “VORTEX” pump works”

The “VORTEX” pump has a recessed impeler which is positioned out from the flow line, permitting a free passage for the process liquid that caries solid particles, providing minimum pumped solids and impeller degradation in the process.


Application The UND/III-VR pump series has its application directed to liquids that contain solids in suspension, being used in chemical and petrochemical industries, mining, paper and pulp industries, sugar and alcohol mills, in pumping citrus juices and other possible applications.

Interchangeability The UND/III-VR pump was developed to attend the greater interchangeability capacity with the conventional UN D/III series, once only the casing and the impeller are not interchangeable.

Materials The UND/III-VR pumps are manufactured in:

  • Ductile iron;
  • AISI-304, 316, 304L and 316L stainless steel;
  • Alloys such as ALLOY–20, CD4MCU, HASTELLOY B or HASTELLOY C and DUROMEL*; and
  • Special alloys with characteristics similar to stainless steel, but highly resistant to abrasives.

Sealing The UND/III-VR may use gaskets or mechanical seals and are equipped with widened sealing box “SUPERBOX”.

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