Liquid Ring Compressors

OMEL - Compressor de Anel Líquido BKN / BKA

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Operation is done by means of the auxiliary service liquid (usually water) fed into the compressor, that alternatively fills up and leaves the impeller vanes. In the walls of the side plates are located orifices that are connected with the vanes of the impeller, that are filled in one side and, with the vanes that are exhausted in the other side. In such a manner, while from one orifice the air (or gas) is continuously suctioned, from the other it is discharged. Thus the air (or gas) suctioned is compressed, having place a regular and continuous air (or gas) transportation. The maximum degree of compression reached, depends on the energy acquired by the liquid in movement, from his nature and from the speed of the impeller.


  • Ported end-plates: manufactured in cast iron;
  • Main housing: manufactured in carbon steel;
  • Impeller: manufactured in nodular cast iron;
  • Shaft: manufactured in chromium-steel alloys;
  • The compressors are may be manufactured in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel (ASTM A744 Gr.CF8 or CF8M) or special alloys, subject to future consultation.


Liquid ring compressors are used in the most diverse industrial processes, such as: compression of air or gases in general, aerating tanks for fermentation or fermentors, agitating tanks for liquids in general, feeding air (or gas) to burners. The compressors are indicated for chemical, food or other industries.

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