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Developed from the design of NSP metering pump, DMP is a compact plunger metering pump, robust, monoblock construction that allows a modular system the assembly up to 6 pumping heads.

The pump operates with oil bath lubrication and each unit allows adjusting the pumps capacity while operating. Each unit incorporates (i) its own cam; (ii) adjustment system that allows the application of pneumatic, electric or electropneumatic adjustment capacity devices; and (iii) steam or water heated cooled pumping heads.


  • Driving and adjustment systems: High quality cast iron, chrome steel and aluminum bronze;
  • Metering heads supplied in:
  • Standard version (with head, valves, balls and plunger) in AISI 304 (CF8), AISI 316 (CF8M), AISI 316L (CF3M), AISI 304L (CF3), Alloy 20 (CN7M), Hastelloy B (N12M), e Hastelloy C (CW12M), depending on operating conditions.
  • Plungers may be supplied in porcelain (96% aluminum oxide ALP3).
  • Fully plastic pumping heads in PVC, high density poliethylene, polypropylene, PTFE, fiber reinforced epoxy or polyester resins, allied at the application of porcelain pistons and porcelain or sapphire balls.



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