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The BLN/MV vacuum pumps works by means of an auxiliary service liquid (usually water) fed into the pumps at controlled rate. As the impeller spins eccentrically to the housing, the liquid is thrown by centrifugal force to the periphery of the housing. This leaves the blades of the impeller immersed to their root at one point of the periphery and only to their tips at the opposite point. As the blades of the impeller that are totally immersed turn towards the point at which only their tips are immersed, a void is created in the cavities between them. At this point, these cavities coincide with the inlet port of the end-plates and the process air (or gas) is induced into the pump. By the same but reverse sequence the air is forced out of the ported end-plate at the other end of the pump. The degree of vacuum established depends on the energy imparted to the liquid by the impeller speed and the characteristics of the liquid.


  • The vacuum pump BLN/MV, are made with:
  • Ported endplates: manufactured with cast iron.
  • Main housings: manufactured in carbon steel
  • The eccentric elements: made with chromium-steel alloys.
  • The pumps are also available in ASTM A 744 Gr.CF8 and CF8M (AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel) or special alloys, subject to future consultation.


Líquid ring vacuum pumps are used in the most diverse industrial processes, such as: degassing, cooking, deodorizing, deaeration, concentration, condenser exhaustion, distillation, solvent recovery, plastics extrusion, vacuum filtering, centrifugal pump priming, vacuum wrapping, among others subject to future consultation.





  • Capacity: measured in cubic meters of rarefied air at inlet pressure.
  • HP is the power absorbed at the pump shaft.
  • Vacuum: expressed in millimeters Hg using 15°C (59 F) water as service liquid.
  • Barometric pressure of 760 mmHg.
  • Service liquid with a specific gravity of 1.


Motor BHP should be 10 to 15% above indicated BHP (BHP is the power absorbed at the pump shaft).

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