Omel Social

OMEL participates in social programs offered to the community, such as the "Projeto Meu Futuro" (Project "My Future"), through which the youth get skills, technical training and experience necessary to enter the industrial labor market.

Soccer School

Aware of the youth health issues and the benefits sports provide, the Flamengo Omel Soccer School encourages soccer practices.

A regular exercise practice benefits health, since it helps developing flexibility, strengthens muscles, increases physical strength and reduces stress. From a social viewpoint, the sport generates the group enjoyment, facilitates communication with people of the same age and improves self-esteem.

Regarding the formation of the individual, sport demonstrates the need to respect the rules, to devote, to get results and psychological maturity, and it cooperates in the prevention of drug use. It is common to start using narcotics when the Pearson has a low self-esteem, feels lonely, depressed, frustrated at not overcoming personal/professional and social stimulation in different environments, all of these symptoms may be minimized by the practice of sport.

Classes are taught by qualified professionals during the morning and afternoon, except on rainy days or when the field does not meet the training conditions to respect and preserve the physical integrity of students. For more information, see:


OMEL cares about the future of the new generation, recognizing the responsibility it has towards society and the environment.Managed by an Economic and Environmental Sustainability, Social Policy, it practices activities such as waste sorting, use of recycled and renewable equipment/materials, analysis improvements to minimize waste/loss, social projects, provision of transport private collective, among others.