Triple Diaphragm NSP

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Description of the Triple Diaphragm NSP Pumps

The processing industry that uses diaphragm dosage pumps, due to operational safety dictated by laws that are focused on the environment and on human beings’ welfare, motivated the development of pumps with more durable diaphragms equipped with safety mechanisms to avoid leakages into the atmosphere that could be harmful to the environment. Such pumps are developed to, in case of leakage, sound an alarm signal to allow the pump to continue pumping the product without interruption until the maintenance has been performed. Being aware of this requirement, OMEL developed the “triple diaphragm” (patented).

The triple diaphragm (made in PTFE or stainless steel), is manufactured with (i) one diaphragm in contact with the pumped liquid, (ii) one diaphragm in contact with the pumping oil or fluid and (iii) a third element placed between the first two, duly adapted to act as a separating function between the other two of them. These three elements create a protection and facilitates the substitution of parts in the event of maintenance needs.

This group is mounted to create vacuum between the diaphragms and if there is a leakage, the vacuum breaks down which causes a vacuum gauge mounted on the pump’s head to show this change of condition. The vacuum gauge, may have an incorporated warning signal and may use more sophisticated systems such as the PLC – Programmable Logic Controller. In case of rupture, whether of the diaphragm on the side of product being pumped or the diaphragm on the oil side, it allows the pump to continue working until the group of diaphragms is substituted.


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