Rotameter M250

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The rotameter model “M250” is used for flow metering of fluid liquids or gases in applications where rotameters with glass tubes cannot be used due to high temperatures, pressure, density, and risk of flammability or the fluids corrosive properties.


This is a flow meter of the variable area type, manufactured in AISI 316 or 316L stainless steel, with conical tube, float and display reading unit to which alarms or electronic transmitters can be connected, as metering elements.

The rotameter is calibrated using fluids as a reference:

  • Water for liquids;
  • Air: for gases;
  • Oil: in specific cases of higher or similar viscosity;
  • The calibration may be done with the fluid actually being measured. The required adjustments are done by computer, taking the user’s actual operating conditions into account.


  • Fluid end: AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel;
  • Enclosure: aluminum alloy with low copper percentage;

Painting: epoxi base.


  • Precision: approx. 2% of full scale;
  • Range ability: 1:10;
  • Repeatability: 5% of full scale;
  • Nozzles: 1/2”,1”, 3” according to ANSI B16.5 150 PSI RF;
  • Maximum allowable working pressure: 90 kg/cm2, limited by flange rating;
  • Maximum temperature: 200º C;
  • Mechanical protection: IP 65;
  • NAMUR inductive sensor. Two adjustable contacts through the scale;
  • Two wire electronic transmition: output signal: 4 to 20 mA, proportional to 0 to 100% of flow.
  • Feed: 12 to 36 V CC;
  • Eex ib IIC T5/TG CENELEC; and
  • Maximum room temperature: 65º C for T5 and 50º C for T6.

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