Rotameter N

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The model “N” rotameters are for direct installation in main process pipelines or in by-pass lines. The rotameter metering tubes are high precision borosilicate glass allowing instantaneous flow readings of fluids that passes through, within the limits of pressure, temperature and viscosity as indicated (see ratings).


  • Wide range of capacities.
  • Scales graduated directly on the glass metering tubes with 127 or 250 mm.
  • Standardized dimension in accordance with ISA RP
  • Float and glass metering tubes are interchangeable with other rotameters of the same size.
  • Connections can be either ANSI 125 PSI FF (smooth finish) flanges for all diameters, or NPTF threads up to and including 2″ diameter. For Alloy steel, ANSI 150 PSI FF (smooth finish) flanges.
  • Rotameters with horizontal connections allow installation with 360° positioning in 90° intervals, to obtain the desired viewing angle. Floats and glass tubes may be removed for inspection and cleaning without removing rotameter from line (only to connection arrangements type 5 and 6).
  • Packing glands are externally adjustable, and are also interchangeable with OMEL rotameters of the same size.


  • Metering tube: borosilicate glass;
  • Float: 316 stainless steel and PTFE, being possible to manufacture in titanium, HASTELLOY B or HASTELLOY C, Alloy-20, and others subject to future consultation.
  • Packing materiais: neoprene (standard), PTFE and Viton1 and others subject to future consultation.
  • Parts in contact with process fluid: cast iron ASTM A48 CI 35 (standard) or carbon steel ASTM A216 Gr WCB, stainless steel AISI 304 and 316, HASTELLOY B and HASTELLOY C, Alloy-20, titanium, PTFE and Polypropylene, subject to future consultation.
  • Body parts: cast iron


  • Scale: nominal scale legths are 127 or 250 mm.
  • Graduations: standard 1 to 10 for indirect reading for use with a factor tag provided.
  • Optional:
    • Millimeter scale etched on glass for use together with flow calibrator curves.
    • Separate scale attached laterally for direct reading in service conditions.


  • Accuracy: industrial accuracy aprox. 2% of full scale (ISA RP Spec. 2.S.10).
  • Special:
    • approx. 2% for instantaneous reading (ISA RP Spec.2.R.20).
    • approx.1% for instantaneous reading (ISA RP Spec.1.R.20).
  • Reproducibility: within 0,5% of full scale.
  • Rangeability: 10:1.


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