Rotameter T

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The model “T” rotameters are of simple construction, employing conical glass tubes and fIoats for precise measurement of liquids or gases in process piping and within the limits described below.


  • Wide range of capacities.
  • Scales graduated directly on the glass metering tubes or separate, attached laterally.
  • Floats and glass metering tubes are interchangeable with other rotameters of the same size.
  • Connections are NPT/BSP female threads, or also with flanges.
  • Packing glands have the same dimensions at either glass ends. This reduces the quantity of spare parts for stock.


  • Metering tubes: borosilicate glass.
  • Float: AISI 316 or 304 stainless steel and PTFE.
  • Packing materials: neoprene or PTFE and Viton1, subject to future consultation.[1].
  • Parts in contact with process fIuid: cast iron ASTM A48 CL.35 or stainless steel ASTM A744 Gr.CF8 and CF8M (AISI 304 and 306), PTFE and polypropylene, subject to future consultation.
  • Tie rod: carbon steel or AISI 304 or 316.
  • Scale: millimeter scale etched on glass for use together with flow calibration curves.

a) a) 1 to 10 for indirect reading for use with a factor tag provided.

b) separate scale attached laterally for direct reading in service conditions. 


  • industrial accuracy:
    • Approx. 2% of fuIl scale (ISA RP specification 2.S.10)
    • Scale for direct flow reading (calibrated):

a) approx. 2% of instantaneous reading, (ISA RPI6 1.2.3. specification 2.R.20).

b)  approx. 1% accuracy of instantaneous reading (ISA RP spec. I.R.20).

  • Reproductibility: within 0,5% of fuIl scale.
  • Rangeability: 10: 1.


Example – 4T81104Z

Rotameter with 250mm nominal length, model “T”, with vertical inlet and outlet, size 1 1, 3/4″ diameter connections, without accessories.

Example 2 – 4T71306B01X12

Rotameter with 250mm nominal length, model “T”, with vertical inlet and outlet, size 13, 1.1/2″ diameter connections, with accessory: Inductalarm B01 models, flow alarm and aluminum protection housing.

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