OMEL: a company made with technology, art and commitment.

Omel is a Brazilian company founded in 1952, with global operations and a pioneer in manufacturing of industrial pumps in Brazil.

The Company began it’s operations providing maintenance services for pumps in the process industries and in the manufacturing of machinery. The growing demand for special projects for various applications, in Brazil and in the world, has made the Company investment in developing new products, leading to their first lines of vacuum pumps and centrifugal pumps. In the late 60's the company was manufacturing a diverse range of products designed specifically to meet niche markets hitherto unexplored. With the wide acceptance of its products in the market, technology transfer agreements with European companies were conducted, significantly expanding the line of vacuum pumps liquid ring and initiating projects to roots type blowers. From the 70’s on, Omel stood in the industrial market for its exclusive designs and developments, for specific application demanded by the customer when purchasing your products. Currently, the continuous increase of its product lines, investment in research and exclusive service done by the company, ensure to Omel’s customers high technology products and services for many different applications.

Omel : Technical Literature

The Omel, drawing on its experience, market knowledge and engineering applications, and the search for new markets maintains a high quality technical literature, seeking greater acuity and trying to answer quickly and accurately the needs of it’s customers.

OMEL - Technical Literature