Special Projects

OMEL - Projetos Especiais

A OMEL design and manufactures equipments with special construction and complete systems customized to suit specific applications in the process industry and engineering companies.

These special projects are requested directly to our commercial department through detailed documentation about the application and industrial process and are designed by engineers trained for the development of these products.

The following are some of the most common modifications for equipments designed and built upon request:

  • special metal alloys
  • parts with specific geometry
  • mounting with fastening elements, sealing or special welding
  • bases under design, instrumentation and accessories
  • surface treatment and painting according to the norms and colors of industrial plants
  • packaging according to the type of transport, time or form of storage
  • tests of parts and performance, certificates, inspections among other requirements
In addition to these changes, OMEL meets other specifications that transform a standard equipment into a completely customized product for the need of the process application. These pumps, blowers, valves and rotameters can also be incorporated in systems that aim to solve complex industrial processes. These systems are produced at a specific sector in the industrial plant and its manufacture is accompanied by the Engineering of Application, Quality and Contracts departments. The manufacture of these products can be accompanied by the client's Engineering department through a documentation process or in person at the OMEL facilities according to the schedule. These special projects include post-sales, parts supply and technical assistance throughout its useful life.